Bridesmaids gifts

            Finally you finished organizing your wedding. You have chosen the place, the flowers, the wedding favors, the dress, and worked out all the important details. And because they helped you unconditionally, now it’s your turn to show your gratitude to your bridesmaids by rewarding them with a little gift..

              And because I was in this dilemma also, I  have developed a list of the most inspired and most special gifts:

• If you have money left in the budget, it would be a nice gesture to cover the expenses for their dresses. After all , you had a big say in their choice.

• You can buy them a garter. Thus , none will be upset if they don’t catch the bride’s bouquet.

• You can purchase a set of silver medallions ( or gold ) inscribed ” bridesmaid “.

• For extra originality, you can give each an inspirational book , depending on what you know they want to achieve in the future.

• Or if that seems too serious, you can give them a necklace with a book pendant. You can choose some already made, or you can order some unique for each of them.


• You can frame a picture of you and them.

• You can give each one a subscription to dance classes  You can buy one for yourself, so you will have another reason to go out with the girls even after you get married.

• You can purchase a professional photo shoot involving all. You’ll spend a few hours together and you will make new memories.

• You can organize a getaway to the mountains or the seeside with them, making sure they have free time.

• You can give a personalized gift like :

- a sexy shirt (printed with Supergirl , for example),


- a coffee mug for them to use when you get together,

-a fluffy robe,

-a pillow;

-a phone case

-a jewelry box .

              Whatever bridesmaids gift you choose, as long as you give it to them with love, you will definitely make them happy for thinking about them.


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