When you don’t have a solution … improvise

               It’s not that I want to brag, but sometimes the imagination just hits me in the head. This is just what happened a few months ago when I attended a wedding. I bought a gorgeous pink dress that I could not wait to wear. The picture does not show its whole splendor, but it stoled my heart as soon as I tried it on. The only problem was it had golden straps and a waist band with colored textile inserts (yellow, green, blue and white). This combination may seem odd at first, but the designers made a bold choice and finally achieved a great product. But this article is not about that.


               You may be wondering if it’s a great product why do I call it a problem. The problem was not the dress itself, but that there I had nothing to accessorize it with. Initially I thought of covering the waist band with a wide black belt and wear it with a pair of black shoes and a black envelope purse. Easier said than done. At first I did not find a belt so wide, but just in the last day I did get one. But of course I did not like how it looked.


               And there I was on the wedding day looking in the mirror and thinking what to do. Of course I went shopping for another dress, but I didn’t found anything I liked. It’s normal, when you are most needy for something you just can’t find it.

               Then I thought I could save the day with a necklace. Since the dress was quite empty at the top, I decided to choose a maxi multicolor necklace. As usual, I couldn’t found what I wanted. And as I said it was the wedding day.

               And just before I was about to give up I came across a golden necklace with green, blue and silver crystals. It was a dream! But it did not work with my black envelope purse and my black shoes (I forgot to specify that I was in another city and it was the only pair of shoes and the only purse I had with me).


               Suddenly my mind was enlightened and I found the solution: nail polish. Yes, the answer is that simple. I borrowed a black and a pink nail polish, I started to paint the silver crystals and so I got a necklace that fits perfectly with my dress.


               And the great part is that nobody realized it even when I told them what I had done. Some people even thought I painted the blue crystals.



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