Amazing wedding cakes

               I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated by everything that has something to do with weddings. Not for the symbolism, or because I wanted very much to be a bride, but for all the decorations, the colors, the cookies and for all those little details that make a wedding unique.

               When I start looking up a certain thing about a wedding, I just can’t stop. I’m extremely excited about everything I find and I just lose track of time.

               You know that the wedding cake is also called the bride’s cake, so take extremely care when choosing it. It doesn’t matter if your guests are not pleased by the steak or the fish is not well cooked. If the cake is sensational, everything else will just fade away. When I think about a wedding, the first things that occur in my mind are the bride’s dress, hairstyle, and of course the cake.

               And because I know that some of you are future brides, today I decided to show you a selection of amazing wedding cakes.

cake 2

sursa: Pinterest

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Best Billboard Music Awards 2015 outfits

           As you probably found out, Billboard Music Awards 2015 just took place in Las Vegas. At every event this big the red carpet is full of various outfits, some more inspired than others. And because I don’t like to trash other people’s choices, today I will show you which were this year’s Billboard Music Awards best outfits, in my opinion. 

  • Taylor Swift looked stunning in a Balmain overalls

taylor swift


  • Lindsey Stirling, although wearing a pretty revealing dress, didn’t let go of her elegance

lindsey stirling


  • Lily Aldridge also revealed her legs in a Balmain outfit, but keeping the top very simple and elegant

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


  • Kendall Jenner looks amazing at all times, but this Balmain outfit stood out especially because of her relaxed attitude

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


  • Jennifer Lopez revealed herself in a gorgeous Charbel Zoe dress that looks just like it’s part of her body

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


  • Jennette McCurdy looked just like my favorite childhood mermaid

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


  • Giuliana Rancic is and always will be my fashion icon and this Mugler outfit makes me adore her more

giuliana rancic


                     Which one is your favorite outfit? If dreams come true, which one would you wear?

Napkin rings for Christmas

               I always liked to have a nice arranged holiday table. But usually on Christmas my husband and I are always on the road, so I cannot set up the Christmas dinner table as I would like to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a million ideas. Today I will present you some pictures of various napkin rings perfect for the Christmas dinner. Of course, you can use it also for New Year’s Eve table or for any other festive dinner.

                And yes, they are all made by me. In the upcoming days I will show you how to make your own. Until then, just try to imagine it yourselves. Put your imagination at work. And do not limit yourself at just what I did. Try to make your own napkin rings and the dinner arrangement will gain a wonderful festive air.







                You can do it for yourself, but I’m sure some people will appreciate it if they will receive it as a gift (like me, for example). Which one do you want to learn first how to make?

DIY Christmas paper ornament

               As you’ve probably noticed, there’s very little time before Christmas. But I did noticed this too late, and therefore I  haven’t even started the preparations. So last week I went shopping for various tree decorations. Of course the supermarket was very crowded and don’t even get me started about the enormous prices they have during this time of the year.

               So I’ve decided that instead of buying new decorations I will use some from the last year and I will also make some new ones. You know, to make it a little different. And what cheaper material you know besides paper? I “visited” my childhood memories when I was using this material to create various masterpieces for school. Of course I photographed every step to show you how it’s done.

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Meat cannelloni recipe

               Since the other day I taught you how to make a bechamel sauce, today I said I’ll show you a recipe that you can use it for.

              Because I found in the supermarket a cannelloni offer, I took this opportunity to invite you to the Italian cuisine, one of my husband’s favorites .

*2 x bechamel sauce made from the recipe here
*10 cannelloni
*300 gr chopped meat
*1 clove garlic
*1 onion
*oil or butter

              If the bechamel sauce seems to be too hard, you can prepare it by the quantities of the previous post ( here). I love its taste, so I always double the amount.

              I usually use a mixture of pork and beef meat. Minced pork seemed too heavy to be consumed as such and the beef is not really to our liking, so we prefer to combine them.

              For those who have not used cannelloni before, these are tube shaped pasta. Although we will be bake this dish the cannelloni need to be boiled for 3-4 minutes to soften it a little.

[ Tip ] If you cook the cannelloni too long, they will soften and will not keep their shape.

              Chop the onion and the garlic and cook them in a little oil or butter. Add the minced meat and stir until it changes color. Season with salt, pepper and basil and then fill the cannelloni with this mixture.

              On the bottom of the pan put a thin layer of bechamel sauce, then place the cannelloni. If the don’t fit in your pot, do not worry. Just stack them in layers, making sure to pour bechamel sauce between them.

              Pour the remaining sauce over it and put the dish in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

              Then sprinkle parmesan and put it in the oven for another 5 minutes until it melts.

[ Tip ] You can put parmesan also in the composition, but because I use a double amount of bechamel sauce, I prefer this recipe.

              I hope I have opened your appetite for Italian cuisine.

              Enjoy your cannelloni with meat !

Bridesmaids gifts

            Finally you finished organizing your wedding. You have chosen the place, the flowers, the wedding favors, the dress, and worked out all the important details. And because they helped you unconditionally, now it’s your turn to show your gratitude to your bridesmaids by rewarding them with a little gift..

              And because I was in this dilemma also, I  have developed a list of the most inspired and most special gifts: Continue reading »

Bechamel sauce recipe

  Today I will teach you how to quickly make a bechamel sauce. I know it sounds pretentious, but it is very simple to do. So simple that my husband has managed to do it, too.

*1 tablespoon of flour
*300 ml milk
*1 tablespoon of butter

    Heat the milk with a little salt and a little pepper and then leave it aside. Many people don’t put the pepper in the beginning, but I like the flavor that it gives to the milk.

        Melt the butter in a pan, then add the flour and the milk. Mix constantly until thickened composition.

        And that’s it. Didn’t I tell you it’s very simple?

        Many people use bechamel sauce for lasagna, but you can try it for casseroles, meat pies, baked potatoes and even the classic macaroni and cheese.

DIY Pyramid box

               Before receiving a gift you always see the packaging. It can sometimes give yiu a clue to what it’s inside, at least about it sizes.

                Thinking about this, I have created especially for you a pyramid box. You cannot find something like this for sale so I assure you that it will be a splash.


Materials needed
*the template you can download here:
Pyramid box template
*cardboard paper
*glue or double-sided tape

               Print the pattern on to the cardboard paper. DSC04712

               Cut out the pattern.


               Bend it on the interior stripes and make a hole in each end of each side.

                Glue three sides on each other, and the fourth one left it unbound. This will be the “door” of the box.


               Insert the cord through the 4 holes and your pyramid box is ready.

               Which one is your favorite?


Black chocolate cake

           And because spring has finally arrived, I went out shopping. Shoes, sandals, jackets … it’s time to restock my wardrobe! 

            But this week-end was terrible. The rainy weather totally changed my mood. And because it has been a while since I’ve made something sweet (maybe because it’s time to be a little more careful with my weight now that summer is on the door) today I decided to brighten my day with a chocolate cake.

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DIY mini flags

                   The first time I saw these little flags was during high school, at a friend’s birthday. They were the flags of various countries, they didn’t fit in the picture but I stared at them absolutely fascinated by how beautiful these decorations were.

                   Since then we have seen it everywhere and somehow it has lost it’s charm. It’s part of the landscape and … that’s about it. But they are trivial just because everywhere you look it’s the same pattern.

                   So I thought: if they are so simple, wouldn’t be fascinating to have such flags for various occasions? Well, they probably already exists. But why spend money on something you could do it yourself?

                   And because Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, I decided to make some for this occasion.

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The easiest cheesecake

            When I’m craving for something sweet, but do not want to exaggerate with the sugar, I instantly think about a cheesecake recipe.

            I tried all sorts of recipes found on the internet … but none was working for me.

            So I decided to change something about them and do it like I desire.

            Here’s what came out:


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Delicious stuffed pike recipe

              Today I will introduce to you my new discovery: stuffed pike.

              Since my husband became  a fisherman, lately I’ve heard a lot about fishes. But it has its advantages: I get to eat more fish! Which is good, because it’s very healthy.

              Last time he was in the Danube fishing for pike. And he brought home eight gorgeous pikes.


              So I tried a new recipe. For this to go smoother, I recommend you have everything ready on the working table from the beginning.

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Fall decoration


               For some people fall is the ideal season.

               It is neither too hot nor too cold, and all nature around us catches a gorgeous colors.

              I admit, even if it’s not my favorite season, autumn has a hint of romance out of the ordinary. I like to walk through the fallen leaves, their rustling underfoot feel, throwing myself between them and I love that the trees surrounds me with different flavors.

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Baked chocolate mousse

              Shame on me, but last week I stopped with a friend in a cake cafeteria .

              Why shame on me, you ask? I ate the best looking cake, the most appetizing and, I think, the most caloric cake of all.

              I liked it so much that I instantly said I have to try it out.

              Of course, no one wanted to give me the recipe, so I enjoyed every piece I could to better realize what it contains.

              Then I wrote down the recipe on a piece of paper and I started cooking. It did not come out as the one in the cafeteria , I admit … It came out much better!

              So I decided to share with you the wonderful result:


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How do we match the wine with the food to amaze our guests?

            I admit, I’m a big beer drinker. Especially now, with all this high temperatures outside, nothing compares with a cold beer.

          But I must admit that wine has a different flavor.There’s something about this liquid which takes me to other realms. If you spend the evening in good company, wine perfectly complements the magic of the night.

            But drinking wine is not so easy. If the wine does not get along with the food, then you will not feel  the flavor of the wine or the food.

           The basis is simple:

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Goji – My anti-aging secret

         My secret is easy: Goji. I know, it sounds weird. But it’s just food.

         But it is one of the best foods. What’s great is that you can eat it raw, you can make juice, tea, you can put it in salads or in various foods.

        It’s something that it should be in everyone’s diet.

       Why Goji?



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