What is a gourd?

             The other day I heard this question and I did not believe it: “What is a gourd?”. I was telling a friend about a future project and she stopped me with this question. I was appalled, actually I did not know what to answer her. The problem wasn’t that I did not know what it is, but I’m amazed that some people have not heard of gourds.

              Having lived several years in a campus and meet people from all over the country, I’ve heard various words that I did not know what they mean, but that’s because they were regionalisms. I did not know the term “gourd” is a regionalism …

              So I decided to share this information with everyone, I’m sure my friend is not the only one who never heard of this word.


              A gourd is actually a pumpkin, but smaller. But even if it’s part of the same category, it’s not edible. Like any pumpkin, they appear in autumn and you can mostly find it in at the country side. In Bucharest for example you can find them also in some markets.

              There are of course many varieties of gourds, different sizes and colors. What I like most about them is that they are usually brightly colored.

              Whether you simply put some in a bowl, or you hollow it in the middle and use it as a candle holder, or you decide to paint them, gourds are an inexpensive and natural way to decorate your home or a special event. Be careful though, they do not last very long. (to see how to do gourds to withstand a longer period, click here)

              In a future post I’ll show you other ways to use gourds.

              P.S. If you find a great gourd, I also accept donations.

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