What a real woman wants

                 Sometimes you men think you know what a woman wants. But most of the time you are terribly wrong. That’s because you have a completely different picture of what makes us happy.

                 A real woman needs to be spoiled. OFTEN. She needs to be told she’s beautiful; but even if she wants to hear a compliments when she wears a new dress, she is really happy when you tell her how gorgeous she is her pajamas, with her hair undone, no matter the time of day.

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                 A real woman needs to be appreciated. Maybe you don’t even realize how many things she does for you. Or how many things she does to look good for you. Everything that she needs in order to be happy is that you show her that you noticed all the little things that she does to make your life easier. More than likely some things you don’t even notice out of habit, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

                 A real woman needs to be surprised. And I don’t mean the roses you give her on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day. I don’t even talk about the romantic dinner you prepared for your anniversary. Let me give you a free tip: That’s when she isn’t surprised at all. Even if she acts like it, she expects you to do this. She will be really surprised with an “I love you” text message received in the middle of the day, with a bunch of snowdrops received in an early spring or with a night out when she expects it the least.

                 A real woman needs to feel protected. Even the most independent woman will be attracted to a strong man, and I don’t refer just about your muscles. If you find yourselves in a deserted street in the dark, she will definitely be afraid of the unpredictable. Take her in your arms without saying anything. She will understand and she will feel safer with you.

                 A real woman needs a true gentleman. Show her that chivalry is not dead. I know it sounds such a cliché, but we will always be attracted to men who know how to open our door, pull our chair or who cares about punctuality.

                 A real woman needs to be heard. I often find myself talking shitty things, but always end up smiling when I see the person next to me is listening. It is much better for her to cry on your shoulder than to ignore her and just letting her cry on some other guy’s shoulder.

                 A real woman needs many things. And not all material things. Yes, of course, it’s true what they say “Money does not bring happiness, but it makes your life way easier.” But no one said you need an ocean of money.

                 Do not be fooled though. In this post I was only talking about the real woman: the one that will do the impossible for you to be happy. And if you will help her, the impossible will become possible.

                 A real woman needs to be LOVED. THE END.

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