How do we match the wine with the food to amaze our guests?

            I admit, I’m a big beer drinker. Especially now, with all this high temperatures outside, nothing compares with a cold beer.

          But I must admit that wine has a different flavor.There’s something about this liquid which takes me to other realms. If you spend the evening in good company, wine perfectly complements the magic of the night.

            But drinking wine is not so easy. If the wine does not get along with the food, then you will not feel  the flavor of the wine or the food.

           The basis is simple:

IMG_7021 - A white wine goes with white meat courses and red wine goes with red meat curses. For starters it’s good to remember that.

            But then things get a bit complicated.The wines are divided not only in white wine, red or rosé. There are many types of wine with different flavors.

           The Sauvignon Blanc goes well with white meat dishes, white fish (I highly recommend you to try it with lobster) and fresh cheeses.

           Chardonnay completes the white meat, shellfish, white fish, seafood and fine cheese.

           Riesling goes well with light dishes like white fish and shellfish.

           Cabernet Sauvignon is ideal for venison, beef, pork, smoked meat, lamb, duck, and a good barbecue seasoned with fine cheeses.

           A Pinot Noir will emphasize the flavor of veal, beef, duck, venison (but easy venison, like rabbit) and only with feta cheese.

           In terms of meat the Merlot is almost like the Pinot Noir, but you must make sure that you only serve it with fine quality cheese, otherwise you may not feel the flavor of the wine.

           I hope this advices were useful and I’m sure you will blow your guest’s minds when they see how good you are at selecting the wine.

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