How to create your own QR code

              Many of you may say that this post will not use you for anything. Allow me to disagree. Contrary to your expectations, you can create QR codes for anything: website, Facebook page, Twitter page, phone number or simple text.

              The first QR code that I created was at work when I created my business cards. Of course it already had on it all the details, but if you scan my business card’s QR codes my contact details will automatically open in your contact list. Thus, you could just click “Save” and all my contact information (name, phone, address, e-mail, fax) is saved in your address book.

              At first I thought this is not necessary just because I thought it was something extremely complicated. But other people more resourceful than I made my life easier. Now there are a lot of website that automatically create QR codes.


              The site that I use is and I can say I’m not disappointed so far. I will show you how easy it is to create two different QR codes.

1. To create a QR code for a web page, simply log onto the site and choose from the left menu “Data type: Website URL”. In the middle of the page enter the web address under “Website URL” and on the right it will directly display the QR code. You can choose a background color, you can download the code or send it via e-mail directly from the website.

2. To create a QR code for a contact, select from the left menu “Contact details”. Almost instantly in the middle of the page you will get a lot of boxes for you to fill with your data.

              Try different variations and check which one you like and need. You can even create a QR code with a background image. The possibilities are endless.

              P.S. You can create a QR code with a text that you can send to your loved ones. What kind of text? It’s your choice.

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