Why do I collect corks?

           For some time I found another thing to collect:corks. And because we like to drink a glass of wine from time to time we collected a few in this past year.


           Already some of my friends have learned that corks don’t end up in the trash anymore. They didn’t understand very well why, but friends aren’t here to pop question after question but to help. Even now sometimes they ask me “What are you doing with them?!” but they only received vague answers, because frankly I did not know very well what to do with them either. But I knew for sure that I will find at least one utility. And then the ideas started to flow.

         Today I will show you the easiest three things you can do using them:

         1. Coasters

         Many of you, like me, are a little more obsessed with cleaning. Spots on the couch can easily be hidden using a pillow, but “rings” of water left on the living room table are a nightmare. Indeed, today there are all sorts of  coasters on the market. But we know that in this world there’s no greater satisfaction than making something yourself.

         Start by cutting the corks (I cut mine in 4) and arrange them on the table until you find the optimal position.

           Then carefully begin to stick them to each other. Finally (or you can do it right from the beginning) glue them on a cardboard  to help them stay more united. Now all you have to do is to make sure that every party should not miss the coasters.


          DSC020477    2. Hot pan holder

         I admit I am messy while cooking. And of course most of my pans get dirty each time. So I often realize that I don’t have so many holders for my hot pans. So I started to glue pieces of cork on a thicker cardboard that I had around the house.


        3. Fridge magnet

         I saved the easiest for the end. This is a great project in which you can involve your kids. I simply cut a cork in half  and then stick a magnet on it. After drying they are good enough to leave tons of messages for those oblivious dads.



           Of course I have other ideas … but I’m waiting for more corks.

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