Fall decoration


               For some people fall is the ideal season.

               It is neither too hot nor too cold, and all nature around us catches a gorgeous colors.

              I admit, even if it’s not my favorite season, autumn has a hint of romance out of the ordinary. I like to walk through the fallen leaves, their rustling underfoot feel, throwing myself between them and I love that the trees surrounds me with different flavors.

               Yesterday my husband gave me an oasis of tranquility and delighted me with a beautiful multicolored walk among the trees in a nearby park. It was a perfect day: we walked, I admired the trees and raised several leaves and some pine cones.

               As a reward, later that evening I prepared a delicious dinner for him.

               And to complete the mood, I accessorized it with a special autumn decor.

                I used:

  • a wooden tray,
  • pine cones,
  • dry leaves,
  • dry petals,
  • scented candles.

                And because everything was just laying around the house, the total cost was o.

               I put the tray on the table and then carefully places and replaces everything else until I liked the result.

               I hope you too will enjoy this fall decoration.

               Enjoy the good weather and the wonders of autumn!


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