DIY Pearl Bracelet

            Sorry I haven’t written for a while on this blog but I was very busy with a big project. Unfortunately, it’s not yet finished so I’ve decided to make a smaller one to keep you up to date with the latest projects I have in mind.

            This is a very simple tutorial that if you follow exactly you’ll get a gorgeous pearl bracelet that you can easily wear with any outfit.

DSC06619 - Copy

Materials needed
*20 pearl of 8 mm (86x40 cm)
*50 cm ribbon
*needle and thread

            The number of pearls and the ribbon length varies depending on the size of your hand. Theoretically, the thread will not be seen, but just in case you should choose a thread that has a color close to that of the ribbon.


            The bracelet is made of a string of pearls and ribbon loops. Keep free approx 10 cm of ribbon and make a loop the same height as the pearl. Pass the needle through the loop, then through a pearl, and then again through a loop until you reach the desired size of the bracelet. Finally keep another approx 10 cm ribbon free to form a bow to close your bracelet with.




            I told you this is a very simple tutorial. I assure you that once you get started, you will not stop and you’ll want to make similar bracelets using all kind of colors.

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