DIY The simplest tea box

               This year I received many gifts for my birthday. Among them was a gorgeous vintage jewelry box. But, unfortunately, I have so many jewelry boxes that its fate was to remain almost empty. Because I wanted to see it every day I found another use for it: a tea box.

                I am a big tea drinker and I always wanted a box where I can store my tea bags. Now I have found the best solution and I will show you how simple the whole process was.

DSC06535 - Copy

Materiala needed
*a box

               I measured the box and I realized that I could only get 4 compartments so I started the “design” (I put it in brackets because it took me longer to do the drawing on the computer than it took to finish the whole box). The design looks complicated, but I assure you it’s not so.


               I cut two cardboard rectangles: 13.4 x 10 cm and 5.2 x 10 cm (the dimensions are according to your box size). Then I found the middle of each side, I cut two grooves, so you can easily combine it and got a “+”. I put it in the middle of the box and all I got left to do was to fill it with your favorite tea bags.


               Now this tea box has its place of honor in my kitchen and I can enjoy it every morning.


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