DIY Pearl necklace

               I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’m a big fan of the Two Broke Girls show. Simply the idea of two girls with completely different characters that can live together and even launch together their business seems like an inspiration to me.

               Surely everyone who watched at least one episode noticed the beautiful necklace that Caroline always wears. Of course I laid my eyes on it and I decided to made ​​one.


               The original version is made with white pearls and gold chain, but I wanted to customize it so I’ve chosen a black necklace with pink pearls, smaller than those of Caroline’s.

Materials needed:

-6 mm pearls- 20 pcs;

-8mm pearls-20 pcs;

-black chain;

-various tools for beads;

-black lock;

-black loop needle 20 pcs;

-black needle- 20 pcs;

-2 Black links.

               As you can see in the photos, the necklace is made of two rows of chain. I measured up where I want it to reach and cut after those dimensions. I connected the two chains using one of the links and then I attached the lock to the links.

               Then I went to attach the beads using the loop technique that I will show you right now. For this you will need the following tools: pliers from my husband and tongs with rounded tips from my collection. Lucky for me my husband has in his closet almost any tools I want.


               Take a needle, insert it into the hole of the small pearl and using pliers bend the needle right next to the pearl (about 45 degrees). Then using round-tipped pliers bend the needle in the opposite direction and cut the excess with pliers.





               Take a loop needle and attach it to the chain using pliers by slightly widening the loop. Then insert the needle in the big pearl and attach it using the technique above connect the big pearl with the loop from the small pearl. It’s a little hard to explain it in words, but I hope that you will understand.

               To me it’s a beautiful necklace also at this stage, if you are looking for a simpler style. To make it as the original idea, simply attach more pearls on the two chains.

               I put a pearl right in the middle of the two chains and then I started to attach the others from 5 to 5 links – the first two and the other from 7 to 7 links. If you wonder why I put them differently, I did it because I realized that the top pearls will overlap and then the necklace will look too crowded for my tastes.

               I’m super excited about how it came out and although I used a technique that is very common it was a pretty meticulous work. Overall it took about 2 hours, but this also because I stopped to take pictures.

               These small projects are very precious to me and I keep posting it hoping that you too will grab this passion for handmade things. And if you don’t have the necessary time or are not willing to do it, you can always call me to create jewelry of your liking.


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