DIY paper flower

        A few days ago I bought some colored paper to try to lighten up the house a little.

        So I thought I’d try to make some roses. Parallel I tried with a piece of newspaper.


        Materials you need:






        I cut up a square and I drew a spiral. Do not worry, it shouldn’t be perfectly drawn because rose petals are different sises.

        I carefully cut along the drawn line. If you have scissors that cut spirals is indicated to use that one because the edges of the rose will come out better. If not, you can bend the edge for a little bit of authenticity.

         Then I took the middle of it and started to roll it.

DSC02258   DSC02259

        After I finished rolling it, I carefully released it. I poured in some places a little bit of glue to prevent it from coming loose and I  rounded the edges. This is the result. In a future post I will show how you can use this to decorating the house. 


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