DIY Covered buttons

                I often need to embellish a project, be it a pillowcase, a blanket or a clothing item. One of my favorite methods is using buttons. These tiny and seemingly insignificant objects can give a splash of color and elegance to many things.

               Many times I was in a bit of a trouble because I have not found the right buttons. Yes, there are a lot of buttons in the market but I don’t have time to go out for hours looking for the perfect button. But one day I found the best solution: fabric covered buttons. It was a great idea and I could not explain to myself why I haven’t thought about it sooner.

               You can also purchase kits to make your own fabric covered buttons, but it costs around 13 lei / 6 buttons which seems too much. My method is as simple as using the kit, but muuuuuuuch cheaper.


Materials needed
*a piece of fabric

               For my project I needed loop buttons, but the method works equally well for any type of button. First cut out a circle of fabric a little larger than the button. I usually masseur the button’s diameter and cut the fabric with 30% more in diameter. If your circle is too big, you risk to form a “lumps” of fabric on the back that even if it’s not visible, it will prevent the button from staying sin the right place.

               Sew the edge of the circle using a simple stitch. Try so sew as closer as you can to achieve a neat finished product. After you have finished sewing, DO NOT rip the thread, leave the needle and thread attached to the fabric.


               Place the button in the middle of the circle and then pull the thread until the fabric is tightened enough. Then sew from place to place to secure the fabric.


               And that was it. Didn’t I said it’s very easy to get covered buttons? The only problem is that once you have started, it’s going to be hard to stop.

               Soon I hope I get to finish the project where I plan to use these buttons and I’ll show it to you, too.


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