DIY Christmas paper ornament

               As you’ve probably noticed, there’s very little time before Christmas. But I did noticed this too late, and therefore I  haven’t even started the preparations. So last week I went shopping for various tree decorations. Of course the supermarket was very crowded and don’t even get me started about the enormous prices they have during this time of the year.

               So I’ve decided that instead of buying new decorations I will use some from the last year and I will also make some new ones. You know, to make it a little different. And what cheaper material you know besides paper? I “visited” my childhood memories when I was using this material to create various masterpieces for school. Of course I photographed every step to show you how it’s done.


Materials needed
*colored paper
*10 cm ribbon or thread
*glue or double-sided tape

               First we need a square of colored paper. The smaller the square, the smaller the ornament. From an A4 sheet of paper I got 6 of these ornaments of about 10 cm.

                Fold the square diagonally to form a triangle and then bend that triangle again to get a smaller one.


                Cut three lines perpendicular to the biggest side of the triangle just close to the edge.


                Opening the triangle you get something like this.


                We begin to create the ornament from the middle outwards. Raise the middle corners and glue them to create a small tube. I started using glue but I realized it takes too much time and I get too sticky, so I continued with double-sided tape. A real miracle for all my projects!


                Turn the square to the other side and lift the inside corners sticking them the same way as before.


                Continue the same steps until you finish the entire sheet.


                Finally poke a hole in one corner and attach a ribbon or a string from which you will hang it to the Christmas tree. You can experiment with different colors and different sizes.

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