DIY mini flags

                   The first time I saw these little flags was during high school, at a friend’s birthday. They were the flags of various countries, they didn’t fit in the picture but I stared at them absolutely fascinated by how beautiful these decorations were.

                   Since then we have seen it everywhere and somehow it has lost it’s charm. It’s part of the landscape and … that’s about it. But they are trivial just because everywhere you look it’s the same pattern.

                   So I thought: if they are so simple, wouldn’t be fascinating to have such flags for various occasions? Well, they probably already exists. But why spend money on something you could do it yourself?

                   And because Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, I decided to make some for this occasion.


                   I started drawing, coloring and cutting . Of course, I photographed each step so you could make this beautiful mini flags, too.

                   Materials needed:

- White sticking paper or plain paper + double- sided adhesive tape,

- The model which you can download here: mini flags

- Scissors,

- Toothpicks.

                   This are all extremely common things, huh ?

                   Start by printing the pattern, preferably on sticking paper, so things will go faster. But if you don’t have this it will go just fine with double- sided adhesive tape.


                   Bend the flags in the middle, exactly as shown in the example from the document above.


                   If you use a simple paper, now it’s the time to stick the double- sided adhesive tape on the back. Position the toothpicks in the middle (be careful not to end up with the hearts upside down, like I did ) and stick the mini flags accurately.


                   Now all that remains it’s for you to use them in your next romantic dinner or breakfast in bed. When the person next to you will find out that they are made especially for this occasion I’m sure you’ll be rewarded.


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