Kitchen labels

                Several years have passed since I bought some spice jars from Ikea and I can say they successfully reign in my kitchens. They are a very simple way to keep your kitchen organized. I think you are also sick of tons of bags for which you never find a right place and that break or get wet before finishing the content. It’s true, these jars take up more space but I like having everything within reach.

                And because they looked ugly with my old handwritten labels, I decided to make my own collection of labels.


                Not because you cannot find it in the market, but because today I really wasn’t in the the mood for anything else but drawing.

                Considering that I don’t master Photoshop or other programs of this kind, I chose a pattern from the Internet and I modified it however I liked.

                Of course, the first thought was: which color should I chose? The original pattern that I found was brown, but it seemed too dark for me. So I chose one of my favorite colors: turquoise.

                Some believe it’s green, others believe that it’s blue. That’s why I love this color. It’s like it has it’s own personality. Looks like others but also it’s different. So I thought that was the best choice.

                That being said I present my collection of labels.

Materials needed
* double-sided paper
* label pattern in brown and pink: LABELS
* or in turquoise: LABELS-TURQUOISE

                All you have to do is printing the pattern and carefully attach it onto the jars.


[Tip] Before you start this little project thoroughly clean the jars for dust so that the label will stick permanently.

                I made labels for my usual spices, but I also left some unwritten just for you.

                I am waiting for photos with the labels you’re using. Who knows what comes to my mind!



2 thoughts on “Kitchen labels

    • Ma bucur ca iti plac Iulia. Mai sus, la “materiale necesare” sunt doua butoane de unde poti descarca aceste etichete gratuit. Daca insa vrei un alt model, gasim noi o solutie. O zi buna si tie!

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