Kitchen gadgets

                 Although I try to be as organized as possible, unfortunately I gather all sorts of gadgets and accessories. It’s inevitable, I can’t help it! It’s in my DNA!
                And of course there are always little gadgets that I want to buy, but I got used to think twice before buying anything. Basically I wonder if it’s worth the investment, if I will use it at least 2 times a month. If the answer is yes, I buy it right away. If the answer is no, I reconsider it.
                Below I made a list for you of various kitchen gadgets that I find most useful.

1. Magnetic knife board. Useful in any kitchen to keep your knives handy.

2. Creme brulee burner. Maybe I will cook creme brulee more often if I have this burner. Or maybe not.

3. Mini popcorn machine. We all love popcorn and the easiest way for us is to buy those bags of microwave popcorn. Unfortunately, the packaging of those bags is not healthy for the body and the best would be make great popcorn is directly from corn. You can find a variety of models of different sizes, colors and prices.

4. Cooling wine carafe. I honestly did not even know of the existence of this product until I received it as a gift from my parents. Now it’s an indispensable accessory in my kitchen. Basically it has two little bags of freon that I always keep in the freezer and when serving wine, I just put them inside the carafe and the wine is kept cold for a long time.

5. Fondue mug. I have no idea how often I would use it, but it’s very neat. The problem is there are so many models that I can’t decide on one.

6. Herb scissors. Not because I’m too lazy to cut them, but my husband doesn’t eat herbs unless it’s finely chopped.

7. Pineapple slicer. Contrary of what everyone things, this device does not waste a lot of pineapple and it’s very fast. The best thing would be to buy a steel one. I don’t think the plastic ones are very resistant.

                But the most interesting kitchen gadget, in my opinion, remains the accessory in the picture below. This is a plate leaker which recycles the water by using it to water the plants. Genius! Unfortunately I have no idea where I can buy it from in Romania.

               And if you are not decide whether to buy it for you or not, you can give it as a gift to your loved ones for any ocassion.
                Which of these kitchen gadgets catched your eye?

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