DIY Bottle pendant – a gift … long waited for

                I write this article with a delay of several weeks. I already said I became a lazy person lately, but I am trying to change.

                A good friend asked me a few months ago if i can make her a bottle pendant. Of course I had other things to do and I forgot. But reminding me that her birthday is coming soon, I decided that besides the present itself, I should make her the pendant she desired.

                Today when I looked through the phone, I found this picture and decided to teach you how to make this lovely bottle pendant.


Materials needed
*a small bottle
*colored pebbles
*a vintage piece of paper

                 The bottle you can buy at any crafting store, it’s not very expensive and comes with the lid. Remove the lid and place the colored pebbles inside. Because I did not want it to be a noisy pendant, I poured glue over the pebbles, I mixed it well and I left it a little to settle.

                Fold a vintage piece of paper, tie it with a piece of ribbon and place it over the pebbles.

                Put the lid back on (I glued it, but that’s up to you) and attach a piece of ribbon to the pendant.

                If you wish, you can attach a chain in stead of a ribbon for the pendant, but I think this way it looks more handmade.

                All you have to do is to wait for the glue to dry and then give it to the future owner.

                Wouldn’t you like to receive a bottle pendant like the one in the picture?

2 thoughts on “DIY Bottle pendant – a gift … long waited for

  1. Bună ziua.
    Vă rog să mă ajutati cu o sursă sigură deunde pot comanda sticlute pt pândăntiv . În Oradea n-am găsit la niciun magazin de gen. Am nevoie de 24 de bucăţi.
    Cu multumiri,
    Prof. DanaPuscasiu

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