Delicious stuffed pike recipe

              Today I will introduce to you my new discovery: stuffed pike.

              Since my husband became  a fisherman, lately I’ve heard a lot about fishes. But it has its advantages: I get to eat more fish! Which is good, because it’s very healthy.

              Last time he was in the Danube fishing for pike. And he brought home eight gorgeous pikes.


              So I tried a new recipe. For this to go smoother, I recommend you have everything ready on the working table from the beginning.


  • 2 pikes (mine were about 65 cm),
  • 6 uncooked scrambled eggs,
  • 6 slices of bread,
  • 2 large onions, finely chopped,
  • 1 large grated carrot,
  • milk (to taste, about 2 cups),
  • ground nuts (to taste, about a cup),
  • salt and pepper (to taste),
  • a dill, finely chopped,
  • needle and thread for sewing the pike.

              First I broke the bread slices into small pieces and I left them soaking in milk.


              I removed all the meat from the pike and I carefully removed the bones. That’s the most meticulous because pike bones are very soft and if we are not careful we may not get it all. Then I chopped the pike meat. For safety, I put it in my blender. Thus, there remained no trace of whole bones.



              Then in a hot pan I put a little oil and cooked the onions and the carrot.


              I mixed the pike meat with the onions, the carrot, the bread,  the eggs, the nuts and the dill, I seasoned it with salt and pepper and started to assemble my stuffed pike.

              As you fill the pike, gently sew the belly.

[Tip]: The easiest way it would be to cut the neck of the pike to fill it there. But when I received them, the pikes were already cut on their belly and the guts were removed.

              After finishing the sewing operation, we put it on the hot grill and waited for it to cook.


              It was delicious!

              Now I’m looking forward for my husband’s next pike fishing!

              I really recommend this recipe. Thought the prep-time is very big, the final taste’s worth it.

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