Salt in our food

            I think all Romanians have read the story “Salt in food” by Petre Ispirescu . Over time I forgot this story, but when I started cooking I remembered it and started to analyze it in terms of a housewife.

            I admit, I never put enough salt in my food. Which is somewhat better than to put too much, so everybody can season it’s food. But if you want to be called a good cook, you have to flavor everything exactly as it should.

            Have you noticed that all the recipes have salt in it, even desserts? Haven’t you wonder why?

            Well, salt is present not only for its taste but also for its properties.

            First of all, the salt is a good preservative. This helps in better food storage by creating a hostile environment for certain microorganisms to develop. Brine dehydrates bacterial cells, changing the pressure and stopping the growth of bacteria.

            Salt strengthens the gluten in bread dough and gives it it’s strength. In the presence of salt, gluten retains more water which allows the dough to become elastic. Salt also hardens some cheese and gives them it’s specific crust.

            Although we shouldn’t eat too much salt, that does not mean it should be completely eliminated from our diet unless it is suggested by the doctor. It is a good supplier of sodium and iodine, which are basic for the smooth functioning of the thyroid.

            As you can see, salt is not a simple and trivial spice, but plays an important role in the normal development of our body.

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