I am crazy about shoes, but not like this …

                  I think most women are crazy about shoes. Without the perfect shoes no outfit is complete. I love to walk around different stores in search of the perfect pair. Often I like some models, but they don’t really match anything I own. But I can’t feel good about myself until I buy them. Not always the shoes need to match the dress, but sometimes the dress should match the shoes.

                   Yes, I’m that crazy about shoes! But recently I came across a collection that is really … crazy! And not in the best way. I think the pictures speak for themselves and any comment of mine is superfluous. They are made by Masaya Kushino, a Japanese designer.


source: google.ro


source: google.ro


source: google.ro


source: google.ro


source: google.ro


source: google.ro

              And now comes the million dollars question: would you wear something like this?

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