DIY desk organizer

            Yesterday I noticed a piece of wood in my husband’s working area. And as I thought it was very lonely, another great idea popped into my head. So I did not waste any time and I asked him if he needs it.

            Fortunately, there were plenty laying around there so he let me take it.

            And what do you think I wanted to use it for? To make a handmade desk organizer.

            I’m sure you’re wondering : from a simple piece of wood? ? Wellllll along with some other useless things, I successfully completed my project.


            My “shopping list ” included:

  • a piece of wood (I used a 23×15 cm one),
  • various containers just asking to be recycled: cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls, a box of Pringles and I received a beautiful gift box (you can also use pipes of various sizes, I think it would work just great),
  • wrapping paper,
  • scissors or cutter,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paint,
  • colored cardboard.

            I liked the blue box so much that I decided to leave it as it was. The small one in front of it was actually it’s lid, which I also decided to leave it in it’s original version .

            The Pringles box I cut it smalle , as I did with the toilet paper cardboard tubes.

            I arranged every box on the piece of wood until I decided where everything should stand.


            How the originality part ended, I started with the craftiness part.

            I painted the wood using beige acrylic spray. I applied two coats of paint and then a coat of varnish. I used the spray because it seems much easier to use and much faster. Plus it does not leave curves like brushes do.

[ Tip ] Take extra care when using spray paint . They are very toxic and should be used in well ventilated areas or outside, if possible. Do not use it in rooms where you sleep or spend a lot of time. Even if the paint has dried, it doesn’t mean that the odor won’t hurt you. I recommend you leave the wood to rest overnight.

            Then I chose a piece of wrapping paper to match with my blue box and used it to cover the remaining boxes.

            Because I didn’t want to waste any time by hand painting the wood’s edge, I chose to cover it with stripes of colored cardboard.

            Then I glued the boxes to the piece of wood and between them, sttarting the rectangle ones.

            My new handmade desk organizer is way better then my old one, bought at the store.

            It provides a touch of warmth to my desk, which is already loaded with so much crap.

            Fortunately, my husband has many other pieces of wood just like this one and I will definitely repeat this project.

            What do you think of my handmade desk organizer?


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