Napkin rings for Christmas

               I always liked to have a nice arranged holiday table. But usually on Christmas my husband and I are always on the road, so I cannot set up the Christmas dinner table as I would like to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a million ideas. Today I will present you some pictures of various napkin rings perfect for the Christmas dinner. Of course, you can use it also for New Year’s Eve table or for any other festive dinner.

                And yes, they are all made by me. In the upcoming days I will show you how to make your own. Until then, just try to imagine it yourselves. Put your imagination at work. And do not limit yourself at just what I did. Try to make your own napkin rings and the dinner arrangement will gain a wonderful festive air.







                You can do it for yourself, but I’m sure some people will appreciate it if they will receive it as a gift (like me, for example). Which one do you want to learn first how to make?

Transform those big booze gift bags into small cute ones

                   A gift that never gets old is a bottle of wine (or Garonne, Campari, Martini – for the ladies). Of course I am not an exception. I often receive such gifts and I also give it to people who drink it.

                   Consequently in my house there is a drawer full with booze gift bags. Maybe you think I regift it when buying a bottle of wine for someone, but I always buy it in the last minute so I have no choice but to buy an new gift bag. And so the content of my drawer instead of shrinking it just gets bigger and bigger with each passing birthday.

                   This year I bought a few small gifts. You know: strong essences are kept in small containers. And I thought that than buying new gift bags, I can transform those old booze gift bags into smaller cute ones. Some may say that such a bag doesn’t cost more than a nickle, but why waste money when we have the perfect solution at home?

                   And because it is not hard to make such a transformation, I decided that this will be a photo tutorial. You’ll understand only from pictures, you are a smart person! Continue reading »

When you don’t have a solution … improvise

               It’s not that I want to brag, but sometimes the imagination just hits me in the head. This is just what happened a few months ago when I attended a wedding. I bought a gorgeous pink dress that I could not wait to wear. The picture does not show its whole splendor, but it stoled my heart as soon as I tried it on. The only problem was it had golden straps and a waist band with colored textile inserts (yellow, green, blue and white). This combination may seem odd at first, but the designers made a bold choice and finally achieved a great product. But this article is not about that.


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DIY Covered buttons

                I often need to embellish a project, be it a pillowcase, a blanket or a clothing item. One of my favorite methods is using buttons. These tiny and seemingly insignificant objects can give a splash of color and elegance to many things.

               Many times I was in a bit of a trouble because I have not found the right buttons. Yes, there are a lot of buttons in the market but I don’t have time to go out for hours looking for the perfect button. But one day I found the best solution: fabric covered buttons. It was a great idea and I could not explain to myself why I haven’t thought about it sooner.

               You can also purchase kits to make your own fabric covered buttons, but it costs around 13 lei / 6 buttons which seems too much. My method is as simple as using the kit, but muuuuuuuch cheaper.

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DIY Hair stick from a pencil

               Last weekend it was a friend’s birthday. We laughed, we danced and we had a great time. So great, that the host forgot she had a gorgeous hair style and decided to pin her ​​hair in a pencil.

               She was not the first person I saw doing this, and it seems a huge evidence of her creativity.

               Unfortunately I cannot pin my hair like that because mine is thin and slippery. But I decided to decorate several hair  sticks o because I think they make ingenious gifts. Continue reading »

Bridesmaids gifts

            Finally you finished organizing your wedding. You have chosen the place, the flowers, the wedding favors, the dress, and worked out all the important details. And because they helped you unconditionally, now it’s your turn to show your gratitude to your bridesmaids by rewarding them with a little gift..

              And because I was in this dilemma also, I  have developed a list of the most inspired and most special gifts: Continue reading »

15 moving tips

            I don’t know what happened this past year, but a lot of people around me moved out. I moved out myself in the past a few times and I am sure it will happen again in the future. So I know what’s the hardest thing after doing this step: unpacking.
            I never know where I put every thing … and I end up losing valuable time searching for it. I am sure that this happened to you, too.
            The key to moving out fast is PACKAGING. The last time I moved out everything went very quickly because we have developed a highly organized packing system.
            If you take into consideration these small tips I will guarantee everything will go much faster.

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Salt in our food

            I think all Romanians have read the story “Salt in food” by Petre Ispirescu . Over time I forgot this story, but when I started cooking I remembered it and started to analyze it in terms of a housewife.

            I admit, I never put enough salt in my food. Which is somewhat better than to put too much, so everybody can season it’s food. But if you want to be called a good cook, you have to flavor everything exactly as it should.

            Have you noticed that all the recipes have salt in it, even desserts? Haven’t you wonder why? Continue reading »

How to clean your microwave

             Many say that it’s better to not use the microwave because we can get sick. If we were to live by everything we hear, our lives would be chaotic. I couldn’t live without my microwave, especially as I use it not only to heat the food, but to cook it also.

             If you are a clean freak and you have time, you can clean the microwave every day.

             But if you’re a busy person like me, you only clean it in the weekend, so you need some practical advice.


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DIY Cork stamps

              For some time I’m looking for a cute stamp kit that includes the alphabet and the numbers.

              But I haven’t found one  yet at an affordable price.

              So for now I decided to do some stamps on my own.

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DIY hair bow

                 Yesterday a very dear friends of mine (let’s see if she knows I’m talking about her) was wearing a very cute hair bow.

                 I absolutely loved it so I immediately decided to make a little DIY tutorial.

                 I know they aren’t so expensive, but you will love them more when you know who made them. 

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Delicious stuffed pike recipe

              Today I will introduce to you my new discovery: stuffed pike.

              Since my husband became  a fisherman, lately I’ve heard a lot about fishes. But it has its advantages: I get to eat more fish! Which is good, because it’s very healthy.

              Last time he was in the Danube fishing for pike. And he brought home eight gorgeous pikes.


              So I tried a new recipe. For this to go smoother, I recommend you have everything ready on the working table from the beginning.

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DIY Mannequin pincushion


                 How many times have you found yourself misplacing the needle while sewing? And then you’re carefully looking  for it but in the end the needle wins and it stings you.

                 I found the best solution: a pin cushion.

                 But of course I wasn’t going to make a usual pin cushion. And while I was looking at my mannequin jewelry holder a crazy idea popped in my head: why don’t I make a mannequin  pin cushion?

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Fall decoration


               For some people fall is the ideal season.

               It is neither too hot nor too cold, and all nature around us catches a gorgeous colors.

              I admit, even if it’s not my favorite season, autumn has a hint of romance out of the ordinary. I like to walk through the fallen leaves, their rustling underfoot feel, throwing myself between them and I love that the trees surrounds me with different flavors.

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How do we match the wine with the food to amaze our guests?

            I admit, I’m a big beer drinker. Especially now, with all this high temperatures outside, nothing compares with a cold beer.

          But I must admit that wine has a different flavor.There’s something about this liquid which takes me to other realms. If you spend the evening in good company, wine perfectly complements the magic of the night.

            But drinking wine is not so easy. If the wine does not get along with the food, then you will not feel  the flavor of the wine or the food.

           The basis is simple:

IMG_7021 - A Continue reading »

DIY Childish bookmarks

                Like I said before: i like to keep in touch with my inner child.

                This time i found just laying around the house some old (but very cute) buttons and i immediately found them a use. 


                I glued them to some colored paper clips and I got myself some pretty fine bookmarks.

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How it all started: napkin technique

            What do you do on a rainy day when you’re not in the mood for anything?

           You waste your time on the internet.

           That’s how i developed my passion for handmade things. ‘Surfing’ various websites I found a forum about different techniques of quilling, decoupage and knitting that puts this question in my head:why can’t I do something useful with my time?

           I think it’s simple, I have no imagination. But wait, I have plenty of imagination!

           I thought I had no no time. But if I give up one hour of internet surfing and 1 hour in front of the  TV, I realized I have like 2 hours per day free ! !

           Maybe you’re thinking: why? The answer is simple: for you.


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Goji – My anti-aging secret

         My secret is easy: Goji. I know, it sounds weird. But it’s just food.

         But it is one of the best foods. What’s great is that you can eat it raw, you can make juice, tea, you can put it in salads or in various foods.

        It’s something that it should be in everyone’s diet.

       Why Goji?



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BB Cream

           For some time on Romanian market BB creams had arrived.

           BB=Beauty Bomb.

           My curiosity pushed me to buy this cream. I studied  the market a little bit and chose the right one.

           Basically it is a 5in1 cream. It has moisturizing, sun protection factor (i chose one with 10fps but there are also creams with higher fps), vitamins for skin freshening (B3 which maintains healthy skin and improves blood circulation), has a bit of makeup as a small quantity of foundation and is absorbed very quickly into the skin.

bb cream


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