Napkin rings for Christmas

               I always liked to have a nice arranged holiday table. But usually on Christmas my husband and I are always on the road, so I cannot set up the Christmas dinner table as I would like to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a million ideas. Today I will present you some pictures of various napkin rings perfect for the Christmas dinner. Of course, you can use it also for New Year’s Eve table or for any other festive dinner.

                And yes, they are all made by me. In the upcoming days I will show you how to make your own. Until then, just try to imagine it yourselves. Put your imagination at work. And do not limit yourself at just what I did. Try to make your own napkin rings and the dinner arrangement will gain a wonderful festive air.







                You can do it for yourself, but I’m sure some people will appreciate it if they will receive it as a gift (like me, for example). Which one do you want to learn first how to make?

DIY desk organizer

            Yesterday I noticed a piece of wood in my husband’s working area. And as I thought it was very lonely, another great idea popped into my head. So I did not waste any time and I asked him if he needs it.

            Fortunately, there were plenty laying around there so he let me take it.

            And what do you think I wanted to use it for? To make a handmade desk organizer.

            I’m sure you’re wondering : from a simple piece of wood? ? Wellllll along with some other useless things, I successfully completed my project.

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DIY Pringles can craft

                How can you not love Pringles potato chips! With their incredible salty taste that you cannot get enough of? I don’t know about you, but when I eat chips, I cannot stop until I finish the whole box. I know it’s not very healthy, but I don’t do it every day. A once in a while pleasure won’t hurt me, right?

              And let me tell you another reason why I like it so much. Because of their can. A can of Pringles can easily be turned into a cheap storage space.

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DIY Cork stamps

              For some time I’m looking for a cute stamp kit that includes the alphabet and the numbers.

              But I haven’t found one  yet at an affordable price.

              So for now I decided to do some stamps on my own.

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DIY Mannequin pincushion


                 How many times have you found yourself misplacing the needle while sewing? And then you’re carefully looking  for it but in the end the needle wins and it stings you.

                 I found the best solution: a pin cushion.

                 But of course I wasn’t going to make a usual pin cushion. And while I was looking at my mannequin jewelry holder a crazy idea popped in my head: why don’t I make a mannequin  pin cushion?

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DIY Secret book box


                Yes, I admit, I’m tight with my money. And I will tell you why it’s so easy for me to admit it.

                I saw the other day in a window a beautifully decorated box. When I got closer, I noticed it was actually a book. An old book with the inside cut, thus becoming a secret storage box.

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How it all started: napkin technique

            What do you do on a rainy day when you’re not in the mood for anything?

           You waste your time on the internet.

           That’s how i developed my passion for handmade things. ‘Surfing’ various websites I found a forum about different techniques of quilling, decoupage and knitting that puts this question in my head:why can’t I do something useful with my time?

           I think it’s simple, I have no imagination. But wait, I have plenty of imagination!

           I thought I had no no time. But if I give up one hour of internet surfing and 1 hour in front of the  TV, I realized I have like 2 hours per day free ! !

           Maybe you’re thinking: why? The answer is simple: for you.


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DIY Ring box – Everything has it’s place

              Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you know your outfit lacks an accessory but you can’t find it until the very last moment?

              I’ve been in that situation many times. So now that I’ve shown you how to organize your bracelets, now I’m going to show you a little trick for your rings.

              Giving the fact that lately there’s no room on my fingers then for one ring, I decided to store the others in a gorgeous box .


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The sand box

             Every season has something special.

             I love autumn because it brings us so many fruits, I love winter cause it’s the giving holiday and I adore spring because that’s when all the trees bloom and the town is full of different scents.

             But I can truly say that my favorite season is summer.

             Yes, I know it’s unbearably hot.

             Yes, I know it’s  the loudest season.

             But summer has that something special that fills my heart with happiness every year: the seaside. I look forward walking down the beach, feeling the wet sand under my feet, run towards the waves or just relaxing under the sun.


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Why do I collect corks?

           For some time I found another thing to collect:corks. And because we like to drink a glass of wine from time to time we collected a few in this past year.


           Already some of my friends have learned that corks don’t end up in the trash anymore. They didn’t understand very well why, but friends aren’t here to pop question after question but to help. Even now sometimes they ask me “What are you doing with them?!” but they only received vague answers, because frankly I did not know very well what to do with them either. But I knew for sure that I will find at least one utility. And then the ideas started to flow.

         Today I will show you the easiest three things you can do using them: Continue reading »

Bracelets stand

       A girl never has too much jewelry. But she also never has enough space to put them.      

      I have them stored in thousands of boxes. The bracelets are the ones that always give me headaches. So I decided to put an end to the permanent chaos in the bracelet’s basket.


        I used something really handy, even if it’s very unusual: Continue reading »

DIY paper basket


        Do you remember when we were kids? I don’t know about you, but I was eager to grow up, finish high school, leave my hometown and come to the capital for college.

        Now all I want is to be able to turn back time to be a child again.  Not to change things but simply to enjoy my childhood more. To spend more time with friends, to appreciate more the people around me. To take advantage of every moment with my parents and my sister.

        Eheeee I know that is not possible, but sometimes nostalgia takes over me.

        And so it hit me the other day. I don’t know why, but it brought to my mind middle school and my desk mate.

        I remember how we used to go to the library and borrow 2-3 books  to make a report (not like now when I just seek information on-line).

        So I remembered one of my favorite classes called “technological class” where the teachers helped us materialize our imagination.

        And then my next project was born: to recycle a wrapping paper that I kept (for reasons i don’t remember). Continue reading »